is a rebel with a very pinstriped cause.

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There is a picture in the Dimons’ Park Avenue home of James Dean in a sidelong pose and a leather jacket; it reminds Judy Dimon of the contrarian business-school student who also wore black leather and seemed, even as he raced up the corporate ladder, not quite establishment. Jamie Dimon, of course, is a rebel with a very pinstriped cause. I saw him entertaining corporate clients over dinner, rousing his guests to “fight for what you believe in” in Washington, meaning turning back the tide of what he regards as ill-considered regulation. During the Dodd-Frank debates, he argued with a U.S. senator, and later, during a family dinner at the Four Seasons restaurant, he spoiled the family’s night out by ripping into a politician who innocently wandered by his table. see more in the middle of the page please.

What does 'pinstriped cause' here mean please?

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    One of James Dean's most famous movies is "Rebel Without A Cause". The writer of the article is coining a new phrase based on the movie's title. Pin-striped suits are associated with businessmen.
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