"...is attributed to..." (passive voice)

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Kathy Nguyen

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"The unemployment rate has plunged to its lowest score in nearly six years from 5.4 per cent to 5.3 per cent and is attributed to 10,000 fewer workers seeking for work."
I wrote that sentence above and proofread it using Grammarly. Here is its verbatim suggestion for the sentence "This sentence appears to be written in the passive voice. Consider writing in the active voice."
Personally I think using the passive voice in this situation is fine. The only thing I'm concerned is whether my sentence sounds clumsy overall or not.
Could you please give me your opinions about the website's comment as well as suggesting some modifications for the sentence if possible? Thank you so much for your help!
  • Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    You're right. These grammar tips are only for general guidance - don't allow them to become your master. You have followed its advice to Consider writing in the active voice, and have rightly decided not to.

    In a different context it would be better to rewrite: "is attributed by John Smith to 10,000 fewer workers seeking for work":cross: "and John Smith attributes this to 10,000 fewer workers seeking for work.":tick:

    (Note however that there's a word missing: "...5.3 per cent and this is attributed to...")


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    British English (Sussex)
    It sounds as though the "unemployment rate [...] is attributed to..."

    I'd add "this": the unemployment rate has plunged [...], and this is attributed to...


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    Since seek means “look for”, it should take a direct object. I’m surprised to see it used with the preposition like that. Googling suggests that that’s not at all uncommon, but N-Grams suggest it is.
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