is determined by the side one chooses to fight


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Bonjour à tous,

I am writing a commentary for a sequence and my problematique in english is "The value of human life is not universal, it is determined by the side one choses to fight "
I am struggling to make it sound nice in french, "Le valeur de vie n'est pas universel, il a déterminé par le côte contre lequel on choisit se battre.

Is it acceptable to use the words, universel and côté in this context?
Is there a better sounding translation, with the same message?
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    Hi and welcome, mariachabs. :)

    "fight a side" may mean "fight against a side", but "se battre contre un côté" doesn't sound right.

    is determined would is est déterminée (passive voice, fem. sing.)
    It would also be choisir de se battre.
    In French, you must use two separate sentences or join them by a conjunction (mais ...).

    Suggestion (paraphrase) :
    La valeur de la vie (fém.) n'est pas universelle (n'est pas la même partout). Elle dépend de quel côté on choisit de se battre.
    (depends on which side ...)
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