is filtered through alternating perspectives


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Hello there, this is the context:

<<the story(House of sand and fog) is filtered through alternating perspectives, the foremost of which are Behrani (Ben Kingsley), a Persian ex-pat and a former high-ranking officer under the Shah in Iran, and Kathy Lazaro (Jennifer Connelly), a severely depressed recovering alcoholic tenuously holding onto sobriety but nevertheless gradually self-destructing...>>

Although if this phrase were "is told through", It's most easy to understand, but "filter" means "to clean something by passing it through something special",so can the sentence imply that "the story is purified and therefore matured by filtering..."? Or "filter" is just suggesting "camera"?

I need your opinion. Thanks, in advance.
  • Filter in this context is obviously related to "point of view".

    In literature when stories are told from different points of view the "filter" will be what that character sees and feels as relevant to them. This means they have a different selection. It seems to me that the word filter is quite metaphoric and works in both of the ways that you suggest - not exactly purified, but certainly "selected".