Is Flegetanis a Persian name?

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  1. mojobadshah Senior Member

    A book I read once stated that Flegetanis was a Persian name meaning "familiar with the stars." The second part of the word -tanis sounds sort of Persian to me, but the first part Fleg- doesn't. Where could this name derive from?
  2. Treaty Senior Member

    falak in Persian-Arabic means sky. -dān works like -logist in English (from dānestan = to know). Together they may mean astronomer or astrologist (I found only one vague instance of it). However, falakdān is a very weird name for someone (there are two villages also called this). It can be just a coincidence.
  3. mojobadshah Senior Member

    Wow. Thank you for that. The name Flegitanis is a character in one of the Grail Knight legends, which was written by a European. That probably explains is weird usage. Where did you find an instance of falakdan if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Treaty Senior Member

    I found it in some Persian blogs about Alīshīr Navā'ī, a 16th c. Turkish/Persian poet (by "some" I mean they are copy of each other :), so I cannot say which is the original source). Here, I bring the couplet (from this blog) and its translation:

    معلم عشق پير عقل شد طفل دبستانش / فلکدان بهر تأديب وی اينک چرخ گردانش
    Compared to the love teacher, the wisdom maestro (= pir) became [like] his school pupil / the
    falakdān [who was] for educating him, is now [like] a wheel orbiting around him (this is a metaphor for "needily admiring someone").


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