Is "I" a lexeme?

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I was reading about lexeme-based morphology and I've got some questions. I know you can help as always.

In the sentence "I'll try to do my best in this course" which are the lexemes and which are the morphemes? Is "I" a lexeme?

I doubt about it because it is a pronoun therefore it must be a morpheme. Besides this, "I" doesn't really have a real representation in meaning to me. Is it about the person who wrote it? About me?

I'll be looking forward to your answer.
  • Kräuter_Fee

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    I is a morpheme since it doesn't have full meaning. It's a pronoun, pronouns are classified as free morpheme.

    I will try to do my best in this course

    I - free morpheme (pronoun)
    will - free morpheme (auxiliary)
    try - lexeme
    to - free morpheme (preposition)
    do - lexeme (it's not an auxiliary verb, it has full meaning)
    my - free morpheme
    best - I think it's a lexeme
    in - free morpheme (preposition)
    this - free morpheme
    course - lexeme

    Not 100% sure though
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