Is in his earth


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“He's only come quizzing to see how much faster his pills are finishing me off. That or his politics. As if I care whether Fox is in his earth or hunting Tory chickens.”

Hello everyone, This line is from book of Winston Graham, Ross Poldark. Can anyone explain me expression "is in his earth"

Thanks in advance for your help
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    In this context, "in his earth" means in his burrow dug in the ground - where a fox lives. The author is describing not caring whether (metaphorically) the fox is out hunting dinner or sleeping in his home.


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    Probably you are right: the author means approximately "I don't care if Charles Fox is out in public giving speeches, or at home staying quiet" by the sentence in question.


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    But note that we have a pun on the name "Fox". The underground den of a fox is his "earth". To say that a fox (or Fox) is in his earth does not mean he is hiding; it merely means he is in his home.
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