Is it "downgraded" or "degraded"?


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Hi all,
Can somone tell me when a soldier or officer is taken away his rank, if he is "downgraded" or "degraded"?
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  • Downgraded would mean that he is reduced in rank. Degraded also means to lower in rank, but now the word degraded when used with a person, more commonly means to ridicule or demean someone or something.

    E.g. I used to speak French moderately well, but since I haven't had much practice, my skills have really degraded.

    E.g. Just because you don't agree with my teaching skills doesn't mean you need to degrade me in front of my students.

    E.g. Usually whenever a scandal hits in the military, several officers will be downgraded or even stripped of rank.
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    You have given me the clearest answer possible. I Had not hoped for so much, but I can see the difference now.
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    PS I was not familiar with the word "demote" thanks again. :)
    Oh, you're quite welcome. Here's another example for downgrade.

    E.g. After all the children left home, the Smiths downgraded from a mini-van to an economy car.

    Thus, downgrade doesn't always mean inferior or lower. It can also mean moving from one level to another level that may be smaller but not necessarily lesser in quality.

    Hopefully, that doesn't confuse the matter!
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    But I will grasp it in the end. I was just reading another thread of yours about the Spelling mistakes no 10yr old should make, and about the phone company. Quite unbelievable, really.
    Good thread.
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