Is it OK to abbreviate accelerate as accel.?


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Hi there,

Another question. Am working on a program in English, and need to abbreviate here and there, but I wouldn't want to do it wrong. So, is it ok to abbreviate "accelerate" as "accel."?

Thank you!
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    "Accel." is a common abbreviation for the noun "acceleration" in physics, but I've never seen it used for the verb "accelerate." I tried it in a few sample sentences, and it seems unnatural. If at all possible, don't abbreviate this word. (If it's in a title, avoid abbreviations completely.)

    If this program is a computer program, though, you can use any variable names you want. Computer programs do not follow the normal rules of English usage.


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    It's also common as an abbreviation for the musical term accelerando​. I don't think it works as an abbreviation for the English verb.
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