Is it okay to use "bald head" to mean "shaven head"?


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Is it okay to use "bald head" to mean "shaven head"? Some people lost their hair due to aging, disease or other non-human factors, some people just make that hair style on purpose, but I don't know if I can use "bald" to mean either of these two kinds of people.

Thanks a lot!
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    It's OK to say bald to refer to anyone who has no hair. Sometimes a person who is mostly bald (naturally) will shave his remaining hair just because he likes the look better, and you may not even notice whether he is bald by chance or by choice.

    Very short hair is referred to as
    military cut
    crew cut
    buzz cut
    butch haircut (older generation, "butch" has a different connotation with the younger generation)


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    In my experience, some people fell that the word 'bald' is a somewhat insulting description. I know some men who want to make it very clear that their heads are shaven, because they don't want others to think they've lost their hair.
    By the way, this is a particularly sensitive topic for someone who has lost their hair due to chemotherapy/cancer.
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