Is it possible to ask ?:

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I want to ask a bus driver if he goes to a certain street. So I can ask
" Do you go to E8 streer?"

But can I ask something with arrive/get to/ reach or something like that
"Do you arrive/get to/reach E8 street ???

  • Kelly B

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    Do you go to E street? is correct, or maybe Does your route include E street? The others sound odd to me.

    Edited: I agree with the others that Do you stop at... is a better way to ensure that you will be able to get off where you'd like.


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    "Do you go to ...?" is the only one that sounds natural in BE too, I'd say. There's really no need to formulate the question another way, although you COULD also ask: "Do you stop at ...?"


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    Around here some buses and trains make every stop, some don't so "Do you stop at. . ." may be a good choice.


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    I think what you mean to convey in your second set of suggestions is "Do you go as far as E8 Street?" (which again, does not imply that he will stop there)


    And if I wanted to say: Does the bus stop in the vicinity of E8 Street?

    Maybe formal, but correct. What about?

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