Is it possible to eat at this hour?

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Je vais aller souvent aux restaurants, et, il paraît parfois que les boissons ne servent que à une heure précise. Donc, j'aimerais dire, «Est-ce qu'il est possible à manger pendant cette heure ?» (Is it possible to eat at this hour?), au serviteur.

Merci d'avance.

Veuillez me corriger, s'il vous plaît.
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  • Moon Palace

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    Est-il possible de déjeuner / dîner à cette heure?
    Est-il encore possible de déjeuner/ dîner? (this is what you would say when arriving late / early in a restaurant).

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    "Est-ce que vous servez toujours la nourriture?"- though check with the French natives.
    No, I am sorry but we wouldn't speak of 'la nourriture' to hint at dishes.
    Yet, keeping your beginning, we could say:
    'est-ce que vous servez encore?' (but only in a restaurant if you mean to have lunch or dinner, because the lack of a complement would make it compulsory for them to serve only food).


    I'm assuming that you are talking about the places that are both bars and restaurants in France. These establishments do not serve food in the afternoon. In the evening, they start converting the tables where you could just have a drink in the afternoon into diner tables. Past a certain hour, you can't just come in for a drink, you can just have diner (with drinks if you choose to).

    If you go to such a place around 7pm, you would ask:
    - C'est possible de manger maintenant? or Vous servez à cette heure? if you want to hasve diner
    - Pour prendre un verre, c'est possible? or C'est possible de prendre seulement un verre? if you just want a drink

    Hope this helps!

    Moon Palace

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    Although I agree with your propositions, Quaeitur, I will qualify your statement regarding restaurants and bars: if it is a fact bars use their tables only for meals when it is lunch or dinner time, I have noticed that an increasing number of restaurants - especially in Paris, granted - do serve food at any time of the day. I guess this is another effect of globalization. :)
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