Is it possible to visit...?


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Hola! cual seria la manera correcta:
A) Is it possible to visit Alhambra?
B) Is possible to visit Alhambra?

Y de manera mas educada seria correcto decir:
“would it be possible to visit Alhambra?”

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    Alhambra is a town. The Alhambra is the main tourist attraction of the city of Granada. Therefore, if you were talking about the later, I wouldn't omit the the.


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    If the tourist attraction is being referred to, "the" would be included:
    "How to visit the Alhambra - "I am scarcely a third of the way up the hill towards the Alhambra...", "and so he set about reshaping the Alhambra..." - visiting-the-Alhambra

    "I am going to visit London.
    "I am going to visit the Tower of London.
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