is more middle

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Lilith Oune

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France - Français

I'm struggling with an adjective here. This is the sentence : Julie and Thomas are extremely intelligent, but Philip is more middle.
So I have : ... mais Philip est plutôt moyen.
I'm afraid I don't have any particular context to provide. I have the feeling that it isn't right in French. What do you think ? Thank you for your suggestions.
  • Docbike

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    english, UK
    Odd use of "middle". Presumably not bright not thick. I suggest translate as "average" (is than moyen too?)


    Senior Member
    english, UK
    Yes, you don't have to specify intellingence for Phillip in the context of this sentence, just that he is "moyen" (in relation to the clever ones). "is more middle" is incorrect. Sounds like it was originally mis-translated from French!!


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    US - American English
    Given its awkwardness in a sentence dealing with relative intelligence, my suspicion is that it's not exactly incorrect so much as somebody's idea of a joke.

    Might even be funny if the word 'middle' is spoken in a more doltish tone than the rest of the sentence.
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