Is Odd as same as weird?

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  1. unicito Senior Member

    Diganme si este email que he escrito esta bien: es un foro de prison break XD

    Hi this is my firt post and I started it because in episode 19 I watched some Tv monitors in severals prisons, I have to ask about it, is normal that people get T.V. into prison or is a weird stuff?
  2. Dawei Senior Member

    English (USA)
    En mi opinion no se necesita la parte con 'weird.'

    Hi, this is my first post, and I started it because in episode 19 I saw some TVs in several prison cells, and I was wondering, is it normal for people to get a TV in prison?
  3. unicito Senior Member

    En esta clase de oraciones que es normal decir:
    I looked, I watched o I saw y si pudieran ser intercambiables?
  4. gloria2lagos Member

    I agree with the previous poster. You must remember to use your subject "it" with the verb (is it, not just is).

    But, yes, odd is the same as weird - just not used very often. Strange is more common to use as a synonym of weird.
  5. Dawei Senior Member

    English (USA)
    No son intercambiables, desafortunadamente. En este ejemplo tienes que usar 'saw' porque refieres a algo especifico que viste cuando mirabas.

    Ejemplo de un dialogo posible:

    A: "Look on channel 5!"
    B: "I am watching channel 4. What is on channel 5?"
    A: "I just saw your mother on the news!"
    B: "Really? ...Ok, I'm watching it. I don't see her."
    A: "I saw her, really. Keep watching."
  6. abuelito Senior Member

    N. California USA
    English USA

    No son intercamiables, completamente.

    to watch o to look at = mirar: yo miré la TV
    to see = ver: yo vi
    miraba la TV y vi en el episodio 19 de...
    I was watching TV and I saw on espsode 19
    Yo miraba la mujer; I was looking at (was watching) the woman...
    Vi la mujer: I saw the woman...
  7. abuelito Senior Member

    N. California USA
    English USA
    Hi, this is my first post. I started it because in episode 19 of Prison Break XD I saw TV monitors in severals prisons and I have to ask, is it normal to have TV in prisons?

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