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Sorry if my question is being repeated.

Please look at these sentences. What is the most correct variant in case of slash usage?

Adding/deleting/changing text is not permitted.
Adding/deleting/changing text are not permitted.

Or may it would be better to add preposition?

Adding/deleting/changing of text is not permitted.

Thank you.
  • entangledbank

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    I'd go for 'is'. The slash indicates that you choose one: one of those things applies. It's more like 'or' than 'and'.

    You don't need 'of', but you could have it. In more formal text, you would have 'the' as well as 'of': you'd say either 'adding text' (the ing-form is a verb) or 'the adding of text' (the ing-form is a noun). In your example, it appears to be a kind of instruction, so shortened grammar is often used (with less important words left out). So 'of' without 'the' would read okay there.
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