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mohammed sayed

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I have this sentence'' Our final match is going to be on next June 7th.'' In this sentence I think we should use is instead of is going to be because the sentence expresses a scheduled event in the future but I am perplexed whether to use is or will be which exresses a future fact?
  • e2efour

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    UK English
    Our final match is going to be/is/will be/ on June 7 -- all three alternatives are possible.

    Going to is more informal than the other two, which are neutral.
    No rule can be given for The match will be/is on June 7. In both cases the reference is to the future.

    Note that you cannot say on next, although you can say on <date> next.
    I will see you on June 7 (next).:tick:
    I will see you on
    next June 7.
    I will see you on next week.
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