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Now , I am writing A paragraph about person

title : My Friend
Alex is my best friend . He is 18 years old . His hobbies is plays football
my Q is , After his hobbies is ( plays football ) or (playing football ) or ( play football ) ?

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    Welcome, jnonsport. :)

    If football is his only hobby, you say "His hobby is playing football."

    Thank you for explaining your question clearly. :thumbsup:


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    Note that if he has only one hobby, the subject of the sentence would be the singular "hobby": his hobby is playing football.

    If he has several hobbies, then you may keept the plural "hobbies" as the subject, but the verb must also be plural.: His hobbies are playing football and skydiving.

    In these sentences, "playing football" is a gerund: a particple acting as a noun. You cannot use "plays", which does not act as a noun, but is only a verb.
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