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as said in another thread, to me, learning a language has very much to do with some sort of "feeling" or "intuition" (if you wish). Now, I always wondered about saying "It's them." or "There's a lot of things left to do." which is totally wrong according to my teachers when I was at school, but "feels" correct to me.

Am I wrong? Are they wrong? Is it slang?

Thanks a lot! :)
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    They're different - and I'm sure there are plenty of previous threads on both. 'It' is a dummy subject - we wouldn't say 'they're them', because that's just a tautology. Something has to be subject (dummy 'it') and something has to say what it is (complement 'them').

    The contracted form 'there's' is totally correct, but as with all contracted forms, may be avoided in more formal writing. Note that it has to be the contracted form: separated 'there is a lot of things' is not said (it has to be 'there are').
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