Is Samad a Persian or Arabic Name?

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    I was told the name Samad means "eternal" and is one of the many names of Allah. But when I ask most Arabic people they've never heard of the name. It appears to be a proper name in Persian countries. Though a man from Egypt recited a verse, I guess it was from the Quran, confirming that Samad is indeed significant to Islam. So is Samad a Persian or Arabic name? I would assume that its of Indo-European origin probably related to words like Skr. samadi "union with God" and semper "always" as in semper fi.
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    ṣamad صمد is an epithet of God in Qurʼān 112. It is Arabic, not Persian. ʻAbd aṣ-Ṣamad is a common Arabic name, which in Persia is sometimes shortened to Ṣamad.

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