Is 'smeltery' disused?

  • PaulQ

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    The OED classifies the use of "smeltery" as very infrequent, mainly because such places are equally rare. Technology has moved on and most places that require molten metal have their own means of producing it, or if it is a dedicated factory, then it is a [metal or name of metal] foundry.

    Uncle Jack

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    I have never heard the term, but ironworks, steelworks, brassworks, aluminium works and similar terms are common for places where metal is made from ore. For precious metals, the term "refinery" is used.

    A place that primarily makes finished castings from pigs or billets, but doesn't smelt ore, is called a foundry.


    Thank you very much PaulQ and Uncle Jack,

    According to your indications, I understand that it is a very rare or/and disused entry. So I assume that I have to use "foundry".

    Thanks for your quick responses.
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