is taller than

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When you are comparing two different subjects to each other such as
He is better than she.
El es mejor que ella.
And if the comparison was "taller" would it become feminine or masculin? Because it really is describing 'he' to 'she' so I keep thinking that it would be masculine! Could you help me? (my accents don't work on my computer because I do not have the program needed. sorry)
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    It would be masculine because it is describing him

    He is taller than she is
    El es mas alto que ella.

    If it were the other way around it would be femenine
    She is taller than he is
    Ella es mas alta que el.


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    i'm assuming you want to say

    He is taller than her

    think of it this way

    how would you say... "he is taller" in Spanish
    El es más alto (que ella).


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    Yes and thanks.
    So when comparing him TO her it would be masculine and when comparing She TO him then it would be femine! !Fantastico!
    and so
    El es más alto que ella.
    Ella es más alta que ella.

    El es más bonito que ella.
    El es más bonita que ella.

    would also be correct? Or is pretty irregular like intelligent where it is masculine in both?
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