Is that a version of Greek?

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  1. chrysalid Member

    Ankara, Turkey

    A colleague of mine asked for information about a two page document written with Greek alphabet but I have no idea what it is. Two other colleagues, one with modern and the other with classical Greek knowledge, could not identify either. Could anyone help with that?

    Thank you in advance.


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  2. apmoy70

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    It's clearly Medieval (Byzantine) Greek. The thing that confused your colleagues is that it's written with the standard script for penning texts in Byzantine era, the miniscule writing
  3. Perseas Senior Member

    Hello chrysalid,

    yes it is Greek, but it is extremely difficult to read that script. I can distinguish very few words such as "απώλετο" (1st line), which means "was lost". Also, "του κόσμου" (=of the world), "αλλά" (= but). I am not sure if I discern "υιός"(=son),"τουτον"(=him).

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  4. chrysalid Member

    Ankara, Turkey
    Thank you all for the answers. I could decode one or two words and then googled them and found that it is from the Bible, John 17:12

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