Is the î in eu învăț elided?


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And also in the following (except el învață)?

Tu înveți
El învață
Ea învață
Noi învățăm
Voi învățați
Ei învață
Ele învață
  • No, it isn't... What made you think that?
    From what I understood from a text called Introduction to Romanian by George O. Seiver, published 1953. See below.
    Edited:I mean in speech, of course, when speaking, not text.


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    The elisions listed in your text are still valid, but they don't apply to personal pronouns and thus to the conjugation of verbs like a învăţa, a amâna (to postpone), etc.
    I recommend using more up to date sources for Romanian grammar starting with the collection of official dictionaries and Dana Cojocaru's Romanian Grammar.
    Okay, I've been pronouncing those (and asking others to) at different speeds and, accounting for the fact that in real speech Romanians may well chatter away and lose plenty of sounds in the process, I'd say:

    If "greenhouse pronunciation", all sounds are quite distinct.

    If "garden", there are some linked words and some elisions
    euᴗînvățnoi învățăm
    tu-nveți (tuᴗînveți?)voi învățați
    If "jungle" pronunciation, all bets are off, there's no telling what you'll get.
    (By that I mean "io-nvăț" for "eu învăț" and so forth)

    EDIT: apologies for being obscure: :oops:

    by greenhouse/garden/jungle pronunciation I mean Richard Cauldwell's take on teaching listening comprehension (he's an English as a second language teacher), based on the fact that natural speech often differs from what you might expect if you listen to each word disconnected from context. Greenhouse pronunciation would be slowed-down speech as in a dictionary, an audio course or simply for the benefit of a learner of a language. Garden pronunciation sounds natural and flows easily, while Jungle pronunciation is rapid jabbering/mumbling that may offer surprising results at times.

    Which colour would you like?
    Greenhouse: /wɪtʃ ˈkʌl.ər wʊd juː laɪk/
    Garden: /wɪtʃ ˈkʌl.ər ˈwʊd͡ʒə laɪk/
    Jungle: /wɪʃ‿kʌl.ə‿wʊd͡ʒəlaɪ|/ -- honestly, I'm never too sure about my IPA but you get the drift.

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