Is there a compound noun for "beginning of a school day"?

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Hey all

According to my dictionary, the Schulanfang means the start of the new school year, or the first day in a school career
Can this also be used to simply refer to the beginning of a new 'school day'
I also found Unterrichtsanfang, but that would be too precise
How ould you say that then
  • sokol

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    No you can't - you can use "Schulanfang" only for the beginning of school terms (whether it's the first school year or not doesn't matter).

    For a new school day you could formulate like that: "die Schule fängt (morgen/immer) um 8:00 Uhr an", or "die Schule beginnt ..."

    To my knowledge there's no single compound noun referring to the same thing.


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    In this context "Schulbeginn" is possible. It may be used as synonym to "Schulanfang" as sokol showed.

    But you can also say, for example: "Schulbeginn um acht? Viel zu spät!/Viel zu früh!"

    So it depends on context.

    "Schulanfang" is usually not used in this context, it is blocked by the meaning "Beginn der Schulzeit".

    I am not sure if it is possible for a new year after holydays.


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    I don't know if "Unterrichtsbeginn" is in the Duden but I think everyone would understand what you mean and at least to me it sounds very idomatic (I think teachers and students used that word back at my school). So if you are really looking for a compound word to describe the matter this would be the best choise I guess. Now a little more colloquial would be "erste Stunde" as in
    "Und wann hast du morgen erste Stunde"-"Ich muss Donnerstags immer erst zur dritten hin"
    "So when does school start for you tomorrow"-"on thursdays I don't have to get there before third lesson".
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