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I had a situation come up when replying to some work e-mail, and it's driving me crazy because I believe there is a specific word to describe the behavior I am trying to describe, but I can't for the life of me call it to mind.

I had a member of my team send me a suggestion on how we should go about solving a problem.

The suggestion had some potential flaws, so I, following the Socratic method, responded to a couple of questions about how certain aspects of the solution would work, with the intention of forcing the person to reconsider the fitness of the solution.

The next response from the individual was an attempt to answer the questions, but clearly without having thought deeply about the answers as I had hoped, so now I need to respond again and 'cut to the chase'. Something like:

"I'm sorry, I was being overly X. What I mean was, how do you intend to deal with the problem of ... etc."

What is a word that could go into the X that effectively means "to make a point in an indirect or roundabout manner"? :)

Not "obtuse". Not "pedantic". Not "confusing" (though that could work)

I've already sent the e-mail at this point, but the question of what the right word is continues to bother me. :)
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    Hi cahenesy - welcome to the forums!

    Given your mention of "obtuse", I wonder if the word on the tip of your tongue was "oblique"?
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