is there a word in the russian means " overprotected "

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    I tried to find a russian word which means "overprotected" but i couldn't it tells me it is a song which was sung by britney of course i know that but i want to know if there is a russian word means the same as " overprotected" for exmaple if i want to say parents sometimes can be overprotected
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    do you mean overprotective?
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    Overprotection - чрезмерная опека, but I don't think there is an adjective from this words or with this sense, but there is a lot of ways to express this sense otherwise, such as: Иногда родители чрезмерно опекают своих дете, трясутся над ними, как курица над цыплятами, как наседка над яйцом (usually about mothers) and so on.
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    "гиперопека", noun. "гиперопекающий", adj.
    "гиперзабота", noun. "гиперзаботливый", adj.

    Note that these words are rare, and almost restricted to psychology domain. However, I've heard the nouns sometimes in real life. Adjectives are very rarely used.
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