Is there an English term for a celibate gay?

Not open for further replies. it a slang or technical,or any? In fact, is there one for being celibate?

Context: none, sorry, just a query popped into my head. If I am to be deleted so be it :)

Urban dict. is quiet on the subject, apart from providing ex-gay, but that's not really what I am after. It's more a non-practising one I need.
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    NB: The correct spelling, as used by MagdaDh, is "celibate."

    I'm afraid that I don't know any slang terminology. I would use "homosexual celibate" or "celibate homosexual."


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    I'm not sure I understand the question.

    Do you mean celibate by circumstance or by deliberate choice/commitment?

    I'm thinking that if the person is celibate by choice/commitment then there is no specifically heterosexual term for a celibate either. Whatever terms one uses for someone who has made that kind of commitment would apply regardless of sexual orientation, would they not?


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    <<Quote of the deleted post deleted>>

    It just sounds bizarre to me. Have you ever heard of a "practicing heterosexual" or "non-practicing heterosexual"? I haven't.


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    A person who chooses to not indulge in sexual activity is someone who abstains.

    I guess you could call him an abstaining gay.

    Taking a vow of chastity means you don't have sex.

    He could be called a chaste gay.

    I was going to say he's asexual, but that assumes he has no interest in sex, and it sounds like there's just a choice - not stated why - to refrain from sex of any kind.



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    My first suggestion was serious (admittedly the second was far from it and merited deletion). No, Another, I can't say that I have heard (non-)practising heterosexual but I see no reason not to use those terms when a homosexual who does practise his (erm) stuff is often referred to as a practising homosexual ~ at least in the UK.
    To my ears the opposite of a practising homosexual is, well, a non-practising one.

    EDIT: in reply to AngelEyes. Now that you mention it, abstaining gay does ring fairly loud bells, Angel. Where do you get this stuff?


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    It appears from the extent of the speculation that the answer to the topic question is "No."

    As this thread seems to be attracting chat, speculation, and general off-topicness it has been closed, at least temporarily.


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    Actually the term "non-practising homosexual" seems to ring bells from my Catholic schoolgirl days. Sounds to me like something the Pope would say in the course of pretending not to be homophobic. No offence...
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