Is there any / an open bakery around here?

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    I would like to know whether I can say this in English because someone told me that here it should be an.

    Has it got any difference of meaning in case I can use both ?

    Thank you
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    Is there an open bakery around here?
    Is there any open bakery around here?
    Valen las dos. La segunda resalta que cualquier panadería abierta te sirve, y a lo mejor ya has buscado infructuosamente, pero básicamente el sentido es el mismo.
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    Diría "Is there a baker's open around here?" No sé si esta preferencia es personal o si es regional.
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    Javi - I completely misunderstood "open bakery". I assumed that it was a particular type of bakery where the kitchens were open to the public.

    Do you in fact want to know if there is a bakery that is open for business?

    My examples

    Is there a bakery open around here?
    Is there a bakery around here that would be open?
    Are there any bakeries around here that are open?
    (despairingly) Is there any bakery open around here that is actually open? I've been searching for ages.
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