Is there any positive word for child-lover



He is a child-lover person, so he quickly becomes a friend of the children.


I want to convey that He adores a child but not sexual relations involved.
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    I think it would be better to say 'he loves children'. Any noun for this risks having a bad connotation. As an adjective, we would say a child-loving person.


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    In an ideal world, such a person would be described as a paedophile, because the usual meaning of the suffix "-phile" is someone who loves the person or thing denoted by the element to which the suffix is attached.
    It is most unfortunate that the term has been given a non-standard meaning, whereby the "love" is question is unnatural.

    Someone who loves children can be said to "dote on children", and might be referred to as a "doter". This is probably not close enough for a cigar.


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    "Close, but no cigar" is a famous line which I think was used by Groucho Marx among others.
    It comes from fairground stalls at which you can win a prize (a cigar), for things like throwing a ball at a target.
    If you almost hit the target, you were close, but didn't win the cigar.