Is there anything more Canadian than

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    Tim Hortons (a chain of doughnut shops) and hockey are very Canadian things. There is not much that is more representative of Canada than these two things together.


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    Tim Horton was a professional hockey player who went on to co-found a large chain of doughnut shops (more than 3,000 now in Canada). He died in a car crash in 1974.

    "Junior hockey" is a very specific type of competition with players seeking to go on to the National Hockey League.


    Once upon a time, it was strictly Canadian, but now "junior hockey" has leaked over the border to the U.S.

    We even have a Junior League team here in Portland, Oregon (the Winterhawks). The team, which moved from Alberta for the 1976-77 season, is heavily laced with Canadians, however.

    Despite the leakage of junior hockey into the U.S. both that and Tim Horton doughnuts are quintessentially Canadian.
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