is this a language please?

Discussion in 'Other Languages' started by doug1973, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. doug1973 New Member

    hello everybody

    i found this on my local beach and have been trying to find out what it is.
    i have been trying to see if the marking are a language or just a pattern.
    looking around Google i thought it looked like Glagolitic script.

    it was while trying to translate the marking i stumbled across this web site and thought you experts might be able to help.
    i have no idea if the markings are the correct way round or not.

    here is a link to a pic which can be zoomed in on, and rotated as you need to.

    Thank you for any help you can give.
    sorry if i have posted in the wrong section

  2. rayloom

    rayloom Senior Member

    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    Arabic (Hijazi Arabic)
    If you turn it upside down, some shapes (in the middle) do resemble Devanagari letters.
    Where did you find this item?
  3. doug1973 New Member

    I found it on the beach in Portsmouth
    It was folded flat in a v shape with the pattern on the inside.

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