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Hello, this is an exercise that I made for a level B1+, I'm wondering if you could read and make some observations at my grammar. You must know the whole text is an invention, actually I didn't do this 😂 and is practically impossible drive from Pachuca to Acapulco. Please guys, don't be rude with me, I'm learning from websites and YT videos, I've not gone to an English school, so it would be very helpful if you teach me. Please do not respond in Spanish, and if you are an American citizen it could be most helpful for me.
Thank you!
In may 2019 I went to Pachuca, and stayed the night there, I took a trip in a little bus which made a tour around the scariest places in Pachuca, we visited a cemetery where a movie was filmed and the guide said "in that movie you can see how that angel moves its wings, is very curious because wasn't a computer effect, a totally weird event". After that, they gave us a cup of coffee because the weather in Pachuca is one of the coldest in Mexico. The tour ended in an abandoned mine, it was very funny and scary, it was one of the best experiences in my life. The next day, I packed my bags and drove to Acapulco, I'd had enough of the cold weather, so I decided go to a more warm place. My friends had told me, that I should taste the mojarra in Acapulco, so I found the perfect place, it was a little restaurant close to the coast, with a beautiful view, the employees were nice to me, and they recommended me visit the playa diamante, in that beach you can see the most beautiful colors of the sea and the luxury of Acapulco, when I arrived it was close that the sunset, so I could see the best sunset I've ever seen. So, practically this were my vacations in may 2019. I really enjoyed it!
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    La prosa se lee bastante fluidamente.
    Dicho lo cual, va en contra de la etiqueta de este foro el pegar largos textos para su corrección.


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    Hola Dan_el
    Tal como te han explicado, tu petición no cumple con las reglas del foro y por desgracia este hilo queda cerrado.
    Solo podemos ayudar con la traducción de palabras específicas y frases cortas, y no con la revisión o corrección de textos largos.
    Aquí tienes la guía rápida a los foros que explica cómo abrir un hilo y qué hacemos.

    Hilo cerrado.
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