Is this holiday a social or politics celebration event?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by stuartfang, Sep 10, 2011.

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    I need to describe a social or politics celebration events in my culture. So I wonder if the Mid-Autumn Festival counts. It's a traditional Chinese Festival and I cannot think of any counterpart in western cultures. The festival is celebrated for family reunion. I'm not sure whether it is one of social or politics celebration events. I think a typical such event should be an election or a parade for holding the World Cup or something.
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    If you have an assignment to write about a social celebration, then I would say that Mid-Autumn Festival qualifies -- especially as it's a reunion holiday, when Chinese people get together with their families. It is not a political festival. Perhaps a somewhat similar holiday is Thanksgiving -- not an exact match, but certainly a holiday when families get together.

    I'm think that this may be a cultural, rather than a language, question, so I'm hoping this might be enough to satisfy you. :)
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    Political means in a very general sense something to do with the government of a country or local government especially when political parties are involved. A political event would certainly be an election or an event associated with an election. Or a political event might be to do with future policies.
    From what you say the Mid Autumn Festival is a social event to do with people and families, nothing to do with government. I wouldn't say that celebrating winning the World Cup is 'political', not in the UK.

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    We would not say, at least not in AE, a "politics celebration." We would call a holiday like our Independence Day a "political celebration."

    I'm not qualified to advise whether the particular event you are asking about qualifies as a political celebration.

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