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tonight I am going to call an american person, that I met a while ago, for the first time (on the cell phone).

I suppose the first thing this person will say is simply: Hello.
My answer would be: Hi, this is Anna.
To make sure if it is the right person I am speaking to (and not a brother or a friend) could I ask
Is this John? (this would be my first choice)
or Is this John speaking?
or Am I speaking with/ to John?
I don’t want to sound formal. How would you do it in the United States?

Thank you for your help.
  • sdgraham

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    USA English
    Given the informality of the contact, any of your choices will work. :thumbsup:

    Note, however, that there are many common ways of saying this.

    (We're not supposed to provide lists)


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    Probably too late, but...

    Anna is a pretty common name in the US, so I think it might be better to say "Hi, this is Anna [Deppendorf]." If there is a pause at that point, you might say "From Germany." If this elicits silence, you could say "Is this John [Smith]?" or "I'm looking for John [Smith] [who I met in Lüneburg when he was...]."

    Hopefully, the response will be "Oh!Hi Anna!"...


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    Correct. If it's a man who answers, I would say that. "Is this John?" If someone else answers, I would say "May I speak with John?" or "Is John in?"
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