Is ' traveller' synonymous with ' sightseer' ?

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    Hello Li singh, no we can't say these two words are synonymous.

    Some people like to travel or go to different parts of the world to see how people live, but not necessarily to look at castles, museums, cathedrals and other typical tourist attractions.

    And "traveller" (in British English) is also the politically correct word for "gypsy" used in a general sense. So the context in which the word is being used is important.

    suzi br

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    Not really. There is overlap, but traveller implies a greater amount of effort and planning to go around the world.
    Sight seeing is what you do when you have got to a place on your journey, literally looking at the scenery etc.

    What is the context in which you want to use one of these?


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    To me, sightseers are a subset of travelers*: those whose purpose in traveling is to see the sights in the places they visit. Travel can have other purposes: to conduct business, to visit family, to study languages, and more. The word traveler describes what one does, while the word sightseer also describes why one does it.

    *British English spelling uses ll; American English uses one l.
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