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Niko Bellic

Polish - Poland
There is this quotation by Sid Caesar: "In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed." Is it correct, though? It seems to me that the sentence is lacking a subject. Shouldn't it be "THERE is a thing called life"?
Thanks in advance.
  • owlman5

    Senior Member
    The sentence has a subject, Niko, that comes after the verb in Ceasar's remark. It is "a thing called life". I don't see anything incorrect about Ceasar's remark although he certainly could have used "there is" rather than "is" in that remark.

    Reza Kabiri

    Senior Member
    Hello Niko.
    You're right.
    In my own opinion the sentence which has been written is correct but i think In between goals is a thing called life is referredtoinformal style of English and In between goals THERE is a thing called life like you've mentioned,is not only Formal style of English but also i think is more Emphatic.
    Good luck
    Hope it helps.
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