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Hi all, let's say the time now is 3pm, a meeting has been scheduled for 1p.m. (2 hours ago), and the person I'm meeting is late. If I want to remind him about the meeting, should I use "is" or "was" in the following?

The meeting is/was supposed to have started 2 hours ago. Where are you?

Many thanks!
  • nh01

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    Thanks. Can a context be created so that the following is possible?

    The meeting is supposed to have started.

    i.e. is supposed to have + past participle
    I have the same question...


    You could also say "The meeting was supposed to start two hours ago."
    I think we should use "was" here because of "two hours ago". But if we used "by now", would it be possible to "is"?

    The meeting is supposed to start by now.

    But if we use "have started", should I use "was supposed"? Or does "is supposed" work again? Thanks in advance.
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