"Is your love returned" Vs "are you loved back?"

Hello everyone,

1. I found this passage in a Google Book by Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo:

"Is your love returned?" * In Moliere's comedy, Le Misanthrope. "I suppose so," said Andrea with a triumphant smile, "since I am accepted.''

2. The meaning is basically "are you loved by the person you love?"

3. My question: Is the expression "is your love returned?" idiomatic/common English or I must use "are you loved back?" as a more common/idiomatic synonym?

Thank you in advance!
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    Speaking as a layman, I would say that "Is your love returned" is fine. "Are you loved back" is also possible. Depends on the context -- the people, the situation, what was said before, etc.

    But more simply we would say, "Does he/she love you?"

    I'm in love with Pam.
    Does she love you?


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    Both phrases seem a bit awkward to this AE speaker - the second, slightly more than the first. I might prefer "Are you loved in return?"

    Look up unrequited and requited as useful words for this situation.
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