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    Ciao a tutti/Hi y'all,

    I would be very thankful if anyone could help me out with the translation from Italian into English of a few commercial & legal abbreviations and expressions I am unfamiliar with. I can infere part of the meaning, however I do need to translate them into proper English.

    Italian legalese/lawyerspeak part in a hotel's website. I need to translate it into English legalese/lawyerspeak.

    Text (your kind help requested for items in bold):
    [X] hotel Italia srl con sede in [x], capitale sociale € [x] i.v. - R.E.A. [city] [number] - Iscr. Reg. Impr. [city] [number] (già number) - codice fiscale [x], P.Iva [number] - Indicazione ex Art. 2497 bis C.C. [company name] (CF [number]).

    In particular, I find the (già number) part problematic/confusing. My guess is that the "Iscr. Reg. Impr. [city] [number]" is the old number, and the (già number) is the new number. Then why to leave the old number instead of simply putting what the new, actual number is? :confused:

    Grazie a tutti/Thanks everyone in advance!
  2. italtrav

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    In Italy, you often see street signs that give the current name, Via Berlusconi, e.g., and then, in smaller script, the former name, "Già Via Craxi." My guess is that it's potentially problematic owning a property specified in a deed as Via Craxi 10, if it is now Via Berlusconi 3.
  3. debboa Senior Member

    Genova, Italia
    Italia, Italiano
    No, on the opposite: "già xxx" means the it was once known as xxx (now it' yyy)!!!! The "Registro delle Imprese" probably used a different numebring, in the past!
  4. MacAnna Member

    Paris, France
    Grazie mille/Thank you very much to the two of you, italtrav and debboa!

    So, the two of you agree in that "Iscr. Reg. Impr. [city] [xxx number]" is the new, actual number currently in use, and the (già yyy number) is the old, no longer in use number. Very helpful and useful advice. Got it.

    Does anyone else can help with the rest? (R.E.A., Iscr. Reg. Impr., P.Iva and Indicazione ex Art. 2497 bis C.C.)

    I'm googling, comparing, and checking; and if someone has already translated them before I could correct as appropriate my own findings.
  5. debboa Senior Member

    Genova, Italia
    Italia, Italiano
    I can tell you the meanings, not the translation to English, since they are technical/administrative/legal terms that could have not an English equivalent:

    Iscr. Reg. Impr.= "(Numero di ) Iscrizione al Registro delle Imprese" (Enterprise Registration Number)

    R.E.A. = "Repertorio Economico Amministrativo"

    P.Iva = "Partita IVA" (VAT Account)

    Indicazione ex Art. 2497 bis C.C. = "Indicazione (come richiesto) dall'articolo 2497 bis del Codice Civile" (Indication as required by ....)

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