isolate and inspect ... those states at greater resolution

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I read "at greater resolution" as "at greater probability." Because "Quantum mechanics just tells you about their average" (Quantum mechanics just tells you about the probability of these states). Am I on the right track?

So although the traditional “two places at once” view of superposition might seem odd enough, “it’s possible a superposition is a collection of states that are even crazier,” Elitzur says. “Quantum mechanics just tells you about their average.” Post-selection then allows one to isolate and inspect just some of those states at greater resolution, he suggests.

-Scientific American

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    I sure don't have the math and physics background that would allow me to state with any confidence that "greater resolution" means "greater probability", New America. I definitely have my limits when I read articles about quantum physics, so I rely on the authors and their editors to get things right in articles about quantum physics that are written for the general public.

    Right off-hand, I doubt that Elitzur would have used "greater resolution" if he meant to say anything like "greater probability".
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