isquemia aguda establecida

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    Phrase appears in results of a cranial CT scan

    "No signos de isquemia aguda establecida."

    I am confused as to whether this means that no signs of acute ischaemia have been "established" - in which case the adjective doesn't agree with "signos" or if it means that there are no signs of "established acute ischaemia". This term does not bring up any internet hits so i am not sure if there is another way of saying it in English.

    Thanks in advance.
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    As you point out, 'established' clearly modifies 'acute ischemia' in the sentence above, i.e. established acute ischemia. I'm not surprised you don't find this expression on an internet my experience the radiologists (at least in my neck of the woods, the Midwest) usually say, "no evidence of acute ischemia/ no signs of acute ischemia/ no acute ischemia identified".
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    No (radiological) signs of acute ischemia on CT scan. No se emplea established
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