Israelis and the Hebrew of the Bible

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    Is there any books of the Bible that Israelis find the language to be challenging me personally as a non-Israeli who has been trying to learn עברית for five
    years finds books like ספר איוב to be challenging language wise any Sabras find parts of the Bible to be challenging language wise??
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    Biblical Hebrew differs from Modern Hebrew, perhaps like Shakespearean English differs from Modern English. Even native Hebrew speakers will have trouble reading some parts of the Bible. The Book of Job is even more difficult than other books, since it is a book of Biblical poetry and because it was influenced by foreign cultures, and probably foreign languages.

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    Another question Do Israelis when studying Biblical Hebrew learn Shoreshim)(roots)? in order to understand the meaning of words in the Bible.
  4. origumi Senior Member

    I don't think Job is one of the more complex books in terms of readability by a modern Hebrew speaker. It's prose, the grammar is clear, there are 1-2 words in each chapter that require clarification. There are few exceptions like Job 3:8 which may have been difficult in Biblical times too, I guess.
  5. GeriReshef

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    Natuarally, is is easier to understand "historical" books with a story then poetical books like Job where one should follow the complicated and metphorical arguments.

    Israelis study Bible all 12 years school long, but not biblical grammar as a separate subject. Hebrew grammar is studied as a separate subject.
  6. haoninbar New Member

    In fact there are more than a few Hebrew words in the Bible which Israelis think they understand, but which have very different meanings in the original text from their conventional modern meanings.

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