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I found listed as a meaning of issue 'result' or 'outcome'.
However, I don´t know if they can be used as near synoynms.
Can we say the result /issue of something was that.... interchangeably?
Ex. the result/issue was most surprising. (without context, issue could refer to matter of course)
The result/the issue (of the match) was a tie.
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    It could be said that way. However, the use of "issue" to mean result is not very common now, especially since so many people now use the word to mean "problem".


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    No, result is the word you need in all your examples.

    Issue can be used in the sense you describe, but it's very formal/unusual. As you point out, it could very easily be confused with 'matter'.

    What somes to my mind is something like:

    The river issued into the lake at X. (= came out into)
    The road issued from the woods just a mile from the house.

    But it sounds very literary/old-fashioned.
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