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  1. sulin Member

    I´m reading a novel and the main character says: "It´s pretty lame when even getting drunk doesn´t help at all." (he´s very sad and trying to forget a previous relationship)

    What does it "lame" mean in this context?

    I found at a dictionary that lame means = simple, someone who doesn't understand what is going on.

    and i´m kind of confuse by this meaning, can i use Stupid instead of simple?

    For example: "It´s pretty stupid when even getting drunk doesn´t help at all."

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Asol07 Senior Member

    Yo diría "Es bastante malo cuando..."
  3. felixgata Senior Member

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    Hola sulin,
    Yo creo que, en este contexto, "lame" es "patético". A ver qué dicen los nativos.

    Por cierto, sería "What does "lame" mean in this context?"


  4. Alisterio

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    Totalmente de acuerdo con felixgata - "patético" es la traducción más adecuada (o triste, lamentable, trágico, etc., etc.).
  5. sulin Member

    Muchas gracias me voy con patético tiene sentido y también gracias por la correción.

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