'it’ll be on' with the old Invisibility Cloak and 'off to' find out


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Hello there! :)

I’ve trouble understanding the bold part:

Harry has a magical map which signifies each of the castle’s occupants. He tries to trace Malfoy and his friends.
“Well, I’m keeping an eye on him (Malfoy) from now on,” he said firmly. “And the moment I see him lurking somewhere with Crabbe and Goyle (Malfoy’s friends) keeping watch outside, it’ll be on with the old Invisibility Cloak (Harry uses it to make himself invisible) and off to find out what he’s-“ He broke off as Neville entered the dormitory. (Harry Potter)

What will be on and off? It is visible on the map with the help of the Invisiblility Cloak? This makes no sense. I’m completely confused. I have no idea.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance!

  • Beryl from Northallerton

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    'On with the invisibility cloak', means I'll put on the cloak. 'Off to find out X' means I will depart with haste to find out X.

    I suggest that you name the book from which this is lifted.:)


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    It's the Half-Blood Prince. :)

    So it's a typo? It should be I not it.
    It's not a typo. It's on with the cloak and off with me, as Beryl says.

    The "missing" words are:

    it'll be on with the old Invisibility Cloak .. and [it'll be] off [with me] to find out ...

    "it'll be off with me" means "I'll be off".
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