It’s difficult to say who is more (adjective)


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Hey guys!

What’s a better translation for this:

Het is moeilijk te zeggen wie er (sneller) is


Het is moeilijk om te zeggen wie er (sneller) is

Are both possible? If so what’s the difference?
  • Peterdg

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    Both are correct.

    The difference is subtle:

    In principle, both can convey the same thing, namely that it is difficult to diffentiate between the two.

    However, the second one could also be interpreted as: "we can differentiate who is the faster one, but for some reason, it is difficult to say it".


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    Oh that makes sense. So the first option is more “it is difficult for us to determine who is faster” whereas the second be: “we know who is faster, but it’s hard for us to say it for a different reason”


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    Both are correct and mean the same.

    Peterdg is right about the possible second meaning of the second one.

    'Het valt moeilijk te zeggen wie er sneller is '
    is perhaps the more usual way to say this and also my preference
    Personally I'm shunning 'om' when it can be said without. So I don't like the second sentence.