It’s his clothes

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    Hello, everybody!

    I am new on this forum and I have a question regarding the word "clothes". I understand that this word has no singular form, so we should use, for instance, "there are lot of clothes". Anyway, as I´ve seen a few websites where they were saying that "clothes" is plural and singular in the same time, I have a doubt about this phrase: " The clothes belong to Peter. It´s his clothes." I have a feeling that something is wrong here (even if I found the phrase in a website which teaches English and provide English exercises).
    Specifically, if "the clothes belong " (no "-s" at the end of the verb) it´s clear we´re talking about plural. But why, then, "it is his clothes" and not "they are his clothes"...??!!
    Could you clear my doubt, please?
    Thank you very much!!
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    Welcome to the forum, JFP

    Please tell us where you saw this odd combination of sentences, i.e. the source.
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    Hello and welcome JFP_sunny. :)

    The discussion in this previous thread may answer your question: clothes [singular/plural]

    If it doesn't and you would still like to ask about the sentence you found, I agree with sdgraham. If we are going to discuss this sentence, we should know where you saw it. :)
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    The relevant text from the web site is
    The possessive adjective is correct. The sentence is wrong. Clothes is plural in this sentence.
  6. JFP_sunny Member

    Thank you, Andygc!
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    However, don't think that "It's his clothes" must always be wrong.

    "What's in that bag?" - "It's his clothes" is fine. The subject of both sentences is "what", which is singular.

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