It’s important to act now because we shall still have the chance to prevent...

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    Il est important d'agir maintenant parce que nous immobile aurons la chance d'empêcher plus de dommages à l'environnement

    is this right its supposed to say and its has to be in the future tense

    It’s important to act now because we shall still have the chance to prevent more damage to the environment

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    A quick fix would be to replace "parce que nous immobile aurons" with "pendant que nous avons". Also replace "plus" with "davantage".

    BTW, "still" was used as an adverb in the original sentence, which is what may have confused you in the first place. You translated it as if it had been an adjective.
  3. lina2110 New Member

    thanks you can you check this sentence for me
    Je pense que les gens devraient réutiliser et employer moins de voitures
    Il faut que je fasse plus pour l'enviroment parce que il aidera à empêcher la perte d'animaux et plante
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    Hi, lina2110 :)

    I renamed your thread in order to comply with the WordReference rules:
    "4. Put the word or phrase in the title when asking a question (Avoid "translation please", "how do I say this?", "does this word exist?", "I'm new" and the like)."

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    thanks i didnt know i joined last night

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