It ain't no use


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Hi guys, this is my 1st post.
If "it's no use" means "it's useless", i should suppose that "it ain't no use" means smthing like "it's usefull"
but listening to a dylan's song called "Don't think twice, it's all right" i realized that "it ain't no use" is used with the same meaning of "it's no use".
Do you guys think it's just a poetic license or what?
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    Ciao, bwz, e bevenuto/a a WRF. :)

    It ain't no is what's known as a double negative, in the first sense defined here. It is not grammatically correct, but is often used for emphasis in colloquial speech as well as in songs. You're right that Dylan actually means "It isn't any use." :)



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    Ciao a tutti,

    sto cercando di tradurre il testo di una conzone di NIck Drake "Don't think twice it's all right"....appare più volte ain't no use to o ain't no use in....
    sapete come si traduce in italiano?
    Grazie a tutti =)
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